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You could be owed a £2,500 tax refund for your travel expenses. Bases outside the UK are included, and you might also be able to claim for Mess Dress.

This is a complex claim and we’ve heard reports of some claims being rejected when submitted by inexperienced advisors. For that reason we would like to refer you to our expert partners who have obtained confirmation on the validity of claims both from HMRC and the MOD so you can have peace of mind that your refund is yours to keep when you receive it.

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Each tax year will be recalculated if you enter a claim. This often identifies other overpayments due to incorrect tax codes, multiple employments, ceasing of job, etc. In these cases we can identify a much larger tax rebate. We regularly identify rebates of over £1,000 for customers who were originally estimated a lower amount.

If you claim now you will receive tax relief for the current tax year and future years that allowances continue to apply, paid through your monthly pay. The value of this is usually £{{ App.CustomerClaim.AnnualRefund }} per year.

You don’t need to make any upfront payment to us in order for us to check if you are due a rebate.

We will ensure that your current year reliefs are correct and that your future year allowances are adjusted in line with the current year to ensure you are no longer being overtaxed. There will be no charge for this service.

The annual saving of £{{ App.CustomerClaim.AnnualRefund }} per year for the current and future years will not be subject to charge. You will receive this automatically in your pay once your tax code has been adjusted.

We will also check the earlier years to determine if you can claim back any previously overpaid tax. HMRC will pay any rebate due directly to us and we will forward payment to you, in due course, net of our deductions of 28%, plus VAT, where due, providing the net refund payment is £20 or more.

We will issue your refund through our Uniform Benefits payment card which you can withdraw cash on at a cashpoint or spend in shops or online like a normal debit card. If you use your card at selected retailers you can also earn additional cashback to continue to spend.

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As you are already within self assessment we would like to send you details of a highly competitive self assessment service from one of our expert partners. They can correct omissions in your earlier tax returns and ensure your annual returns are submitted on time every year, saving you a lot of stress and making sure you only pay the tax you need to.

Going forward the correct allowances applied to each annual return could save you £{{ App.CustomerClaim.AnnualRefund }} per year.

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Chef Tax Rebate - Community Meals Week breaks world speed record but UK catering staff slow to claim tax refunds


National Community Meals Week has been set up to raise the profile of the service that delivers ready-cooked meals to individual homes, day centres and luncheon clubs across the UK and in 2013 the National Association of Care Catering entered the Guinness Book of Records for delivering the most community meals within a three-hour period during this important week.

NACC delivered a staggering 526 meals throughout 16 locations in the UK, beating an existing record of 300 meals delivered over 3 hours.  Participants then had a to wait a nail-biting three months for the Guinness record-keepers to established that they had won the record attempt, as adjudicators ploughed through witness statements, witness verification sheets, video footage and photographs of the event.
However while NACC’s record attempt has helped to shine a light on Britain’s community catering service, many UK catering workers are in the dark when it comes to savings they could make if they wash their uniforms at home on a regular basis.

The time it takes to launder uniforms and items of protective clothing can add up to many hours of additional, unpaid labour, but if you work in catering and you wash your work wear at home, there’s some good news: you may be due a tax refund from HMRC.  

HMRC’s definition of a “uniform” is any item of clothing that you could not reasonably be expected to wear out in the street, in your own time.  That includes clothes with a workplace logo sewn in, high visibility jackets or special safety shoes. It is estimated that several millions of pounds in unclaimed tax relief may be owed to employees who are washing their own workplace clothing and although thousands have already made successful claims, many more are unaware that they may be eligible.  

The tax authority has set a standard amount to reflect the costs involved, and workers can claim apercentage of this sum back, plus some interest in respect of earlier years.  

How to claim: You can use the handy online calculator below to enter your details and make a claim within five minutes.

If you’re employed in the catering industry you should consider making a claim. It’s estimated that two out of three workers who wear a uniform at work are entitled to a tax rebate, so don’t miss out on money that is rightfully yours.  

Customer Testimonials

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  • Philip Olivant's Story

    Knives are a chef’s most important tool and Philip Olivant, operations manager and head chef at The Lion hotel in Brewood, was able to add to his collection thanks to a cheque from the taxman for just over £100 obtained through Uniform Tax Rebate.

    “Top quality knives can cost as much as £100, but they will last for ten years – that’s only £10 a year,” says Philip, who also claimed for laundering his chef’s uniform and safety shoes.

    “Claiming via the website was simply a no-lose situation. A manager here at The Lion told me about it and I’ve told colleagues too – two have received cheques for around £80 each.

    It only took me a couple of minutes.”

    He has also has his tax code adjusted enabling him to take home an extra £18 a year.

    Philip, 38, has been a chef for 18 years and has worked at The Lion for two years, although his work has taken him to more far flung places than Staffordshire. He spent four years working in the Cayman Islands, which perhaps accounts for his love of seafood – especially tuna and snapper.

    “I love being in the kitchen,” he says. “I’m here from 8am to 11pm six days a week – 12 to 14-hour days are standard. When I have free time I do absolutely nothing except perhaps take the kids to school!”

    Philip has a team of four – and it’s a friendly atmosphere in the kitchen, nothing like a certain TV chef, although Philip points out “there are chefs like Gordon Ramsey, but if you have three Michelin stars then everything has to be perfect every time, the pressure is really intense”.

    A love of food wasn’t what prompted Philip to get into his profession, although it’s something he soon developed. “I was standing in a queue with my dad at Stafford College waiting to see about career options, then someone came along asking if anyone was interested in becoming a chef. No queue for that. I’d had a job washing up in a pub so it sounded interesting. That’s how I started.”

  • Leigh Booth's Story

    Leigh is the head chef at The Vaynol in Abersoch, Gwynedd, North Wales.

    It was a combination of working in restaurants in the evening during his university years and visiting Abersoch as a child with his parents that obviously contributed to his current direction.

    As a previous restaurant owner he is only too aware of the need to have clean uniforms and good quality chef’s knives, all of which costs money.

    One day while on Facebook he saw follow a link to the Uniform Tax Rebate website.

    I couldn’t believe how easy it was to fill in the form and so quick. I got all that extra cash in my pocket for so little effort”.

    “I claimed for chef’s trousers, shoes, aprons and the essential chef knives”.

    The extra cash came in handy for Leigh who is the only wage earner and helped towards the costs of his eighteen month old daughter.

    I have lots of friends who are in the industry so I’ve told them about the site and how easy it is to claim money back that is rightfully theirs”.

    Leigh has had a passion for cooking since he was about sixteen but also loves the lifestyle he has with his family in this area. It allows him to follow his other interest in life…surfing at the local beaches.

  • Anthony Franklin's Story

    25-year-old Anthony Franklin from Bradford-on-Avon has been cooking since he was only 8, teaching himself the basics before cutting his teeth as a Chef at the Leigh Park Hotel when he turned 17.

    “I’ve always enjoyed cooking,” said Anthony. “I used to make cakes with my Nan as a kid, so it sort of grew from there.”

    After learning essential skills at the hotel, he left for a year to gain experience from other chefs in other kitchens across the country, but returned when the hotel offered him his old job back. “I really enjoy it there,” he said. “They definitely help me as much as I help them.”

    Anthony is proud that he only uses the best locally sourced ingredients in his cooking, and is a dedicated environmentalist. “I’m not interested in driving,” he says. “I’m an eco man myself, recycling, using organic produce and all that, so working at the hotel is great because it’s just a five minute walk up the road!”

    Anthony heard about Uniform Tax Rebate through a sponsored ad on Facebook and decided to claim. After filling out the online form, he received a rebate of just over £420 and now pays less tax each month after his tax code was readjusted.

    With several fish, three hens and a cat, Anthony is a self-confessed animal lover and used his rebate to buy a new fish tank plus accessories, as well as splashing out on some brand new designer clothes.

    “It was really easy. All I had to do was fill out the forms, telling them how much I’d spent on my knives, my uniform, things like that. Knives can be really expensive. It depends – my knife box was £40 and then good quality chef’s knives can vary from £5 to £160, so it can get quite pricey.”

    He told family members and friends about his rebate and encouraged them to claim for themselves. “A little while ago, I saw that one of my friends on Facebook had put up a status saying they’d received a cheque through from Uniform Tax Rebate. They didn’t say how much but seemed pretty pleased!”

  • Tracy King's Story

    Tracy King, 49, from Portsmouth is a cook at the Morrisons cafe on the Victory Retail Park.

    When she saw online that Uniform Tax Rebate could get her money back to help with the washing costs of her uniform, she thought nothing would come of it - until she filled out the forms and received a cheque for £281.08.

    And, thanks to her adjusted tax code, she will now get £150 of annual tax relief in future years too.

    She said: "When I saw about Uniform Tax Rebate online, I hadn't heard of it before, I didn't even know you could get it. 

    "I thought it looked good, but at the same time, you think, yeah right, because there are a few companies who do that sort of thing these days. 

    "But it was really good to get a little bit back for a change - at least you are getting something to help with all the washing you have to do when working in a kitchen.

    "You don't think you're likely to get anything back from the tax man, so it was a very nice surprise".

    A normal day for Tracy can begin at 6am when she prepares breakfast for the Morrisons customers. 

    Most days her uniform can get quite messy, because of jobs such as cleaning and emptying the fryers, but, she said, it's important to look your best. 

    She added: "You get three sets of uniform, but you have to wash your clothes after every shift and look presentable, otherwise, people just wouldn't want to eat there. You have your blouse, apron, trousers and socks to wash and I'm doing a load most days".

    Tracy has cooked for people since she left school and her previous role was helping to care for residents with dementia at the Alton Manor Care Home in Southsea.

    She said: "It was quite rewarding working there. You got to know what the residents liked to eat and cook them their favourite meals. I used to do Christmas parties and loved mingling and socialising with the residents."

    The money she received back in her tax rebate came as a lovely surprise for Tracy and helped her out with paying for food and bills. 

    She also told three of her colleagues about Uniform Tax Rebate and they too were delighted to receive money back.

    She added: "I was really satisfied with the service because it was online and so quick and easy to do. The form was easy to fill out, with simple questions and help if you need it. That's why I recommended it to my colleagues and friends."

  • Simon Anderson's Story

    Life in the kitchen is always busy for chef Simon Anderson.

    Simon works at Prestonfield House, a busy luxury 5-star hotel in Edinburgh. He has worked there since January, preparing lunches and dinners for diners in the prestigious hotel restaurant, Rhubarb. Billed as a “country house hotel” in the city, Prestonfield House is bustling all year-round, which means Simon’s kitchen whites and aprons have to be washed regularly in order to stay in pristine condition.

    Simon had been working as a chef for a number of years before becoming aware of the uniform rebate. It wasn’t until a friend posted something about the rebate on Facebook that he learnt more about it. “I clicked on the link, and applied for the rebate within minutes,” says Simon. He received a four-year backdated rebate of £350, meaning he received money for the previous years in which he hadn’t applied in addition to what he was due in 2014. The money came in handy, as Simon spent it clearing some debts, as well as buying new equipment for work, including a new set of knives.

    Simon has been quick to recommend the uniform rebate to friends, and has found that, like himself, many people aren’t aware of it. “Most people don’t know about it, and most people don’t believe it when I tell them about it – I think they think it’s too good to be true!” he explains. After spending just five minutes on his own application and receiving a substantial sum back in a few weeks, Simon recommends that anyone thinking about applying for the rebate take action and apply online.

    “At the end of the day, you’re getting money back,” he says. “I just try to help my friends out and explain that it really is as easy as it sounds. I’ve recommended it to a lot of people, and I still recommend it to this day.”

  • Angela Gray's Story

    As Catering Manager for a busy secondary school in Crystal Palace, south London, Angela Gray is used to working under pressure.

    Each day she and her team put on lunch for around 900 people, staff and students alike. “We’ve got some beautiful kids here but let’s say there are some who can be a bit cheeky,” she laughs. “You find yourself having to talk to them like a teacher. And the noise! When there are a lot of people in here, you have to shout just to be heard.”

    Fridays, when they serve fish and chips, are usually busiest and this is the day when prospective employees are given a test run. “We bring them in and see how they cope,” she explains. “We get them to wash up, chop things, serve the meals. It’s sink or swim.”

    Having been in catering for more than fifteen years, working mainly in schools and colleges, Angela has learned to manage her own stress levels by having a good team under her.

    Even so she still can’t bear to watch cookery competitions on TV when she’s off-duty. “I cringe when the contestants are thrown in at the deep end and have to go and work in a professional kitchen,” she admits. “I feel so sorry for them because I know how difficult it can be.”

    So how about her teenage son? Is he keen to pursue a career in catering? “He’s got the wrong temperament for it,” she smiles. “He’s too laid-back. He’s much more interested in playing sport.”

    Angela received a payment of £560 towards the steel-capped safety shoes and black trousers that she has to wear for work. Also, most importantly, for the white shirts which have to be constantly replaced because they have a tendency to go grey in the wash.

    She was also able to backdate her claim for the chefs’ whites and a set of knives which she had to pay for in previous positions.

    “I didn’t spend the money on anything in particular, it was just swallowed up by bills,” she confesses. “But make no mistake, I’m definitely glad I got it!”

    In fact, Angela was so pleased with her extra ‘dough’ that she told her head chef about Uniform Tax Rebate. Now he, too, has received a lump sum. “I think he owes me a drink,” she agrees. “I must remember to ask him about that!”